Soil Binder

After using and testing a number of existing soil stabilisers, OFB Corporation has developed its own soil stabiliser called "Soil Binder" which we believe is superior in a number of important ways to many other products.

There are many applications for OFB Soil Binder™ in building roads, in turning waste products into building materials, in dust suppression, in the prevention of erosion of soil and much more.

Introducing OFB Soil Binder™

An introduction to some of the uses of Soil Binder - Road Base Stabilization, Dust Control and Evaporation Reduction.

Benefits of using OFB Soil Binder™

OFB Soil Binder™ can be used in the development of low cost roads, driveways, car parks, building materials, waterways and more. It can also be used timber treatment (preliminary tests indicate it provides excellent resistance to pests such as termites), dust suppression in mines and elsewhere, and the prevention or reduction of costly soil erosion.

Recycling Comparisons with Other Stabilisers


Areas Covered vs. Dilution Ratios for Soil Binder and

Plus Soil Chart and Soil Binder Performance Graphs

Soil Binder Application Instructions

Dust Suppression