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OFB Fire Solutions

Innovative and highly effective fire fighting solutions for the world market

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OFB AIFS Unit Features

Innovatively designed and manufactured

Big fire-kill capability in small and highly portable packages

Innovatively designed, precisely engineered and manufactured, and possessing superior and highly effective fire-fighting capability

No internal moving parts and robustly constructed requiring only simple maintenance and providing good durability

Simple to use and require very little training - one-man operation saves on labour costs

Little lasting foam residue so less clean up required

Can use salt, fresh or brackish water - works with scarce and limited water supplies without compromising fire-kill capability

Compact and self-contained units that can be easily and quickly recharged by a single resource on the field

Robustly constructed with simple maintenance required to allow for good durability

Standard adjustable pressure nozzle and also adjustable foam type control (wetter or dryer depending on the fire type)

Work with scarce and limited water supplies without compromising fire-kill capability

Quickly reduce core fire temperatures and hydro-carbon emissions

Can be ordered in both Fixed and Mobile configurations, and capacities from 200 litre to more than 2000 litre as required




OFB Foam Features

Non-toxic yet highly effective

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic

OFB Foam is classified as non-hazardous according to the criteria of National Occupational Healthand Safety Commission (NOHSC), and non-dangerous goods. Neither OFB Foam itself or any of its components are rated as toxic. Consequently run-off of OFB foam will not pose an environmental threat at normal dilutionlevels. Additionally OFB Foam is stable, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive and readily biodegradable.

Highly expansive and effective

One litre of water expands to approximately 30 litres of foam using OFB AIFS systems, and OFB foam extinguishes fires over 4 times faster than plain water. It densely blankets fires to rapidly extinguish them and prevent reignition. OFB Foam also continues to smother the fuel well after the flame has gone out.

Highly versatile

OFB foam can use fresh, salt or brackish water. OFB foam can also be used to extinguish Class A, B, C, D & F/K fires, which include ordinary flammables like wood, paper, plastic, trash, all flammable liquids and gas like petroleum, aviation fuel and other typesof hydro-carbon fires, combustible metals like magnesium, and cooking oils and fats.  It requires little cleanup and is kind to both operators and equipment

LASTFIRE Certified

OFB foam has been demonstrated to meet or exceed the standards for the extinguishment of Class A, Class B and Class C fires set by LASTFIRE (Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires). Thesestandards define best practice for a fire-fighting foam in the petro-chemical industry. The LASTFIRE tests were conducted at the Fiskville Country Fire Authority in Victoria in the presence of fire experts from the Melbourne University of Technology. In these tests fires in a UL certified prop, fuelled by 300 litres of heptane and reaching 800 degrees centigrade were extinguished in 13 seconds. This was an outstanding result considering that the LASTFIRE standard specifies a maximum time of 30 minutes for such a fire to be extinguished without re-ignition, and the highest marks are scored if the fire is extinguishedin under 6 minutes. Consequently OFB fire systems received the highest pass mark of any fire system tested.

Applications for OFB AIFS Units

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OFB AIFS units are highly suited to mobile fire-fighting applications.  They can be easily fitted to specialized fire-fighting vehicles (urban and large) designed for;

  • Aircraft

  • Ships

  • Search & rescue vehicles

  • Trucks

  • Tanks and other military vehicles

  • Trailer fire trucks

  • Full fire trucks

  • Gators 

OFB Fire Solutions designs highly effective OFB AIFS systems suitable for a range of fixed fire-fighting applications including;

  • Commercial or residential buildings

  • Industrial or military facilities

  • Petroleum or gas refineries including off-shore rigs

  • Mines

  • Airports, shipping ports and similar infrastructure facilities

  • Law enforcement facilities.

  • Prisons and correctional facilities.

  • Race tracks

For more details of potential applications please refer to the tabbed section below

Fixed Building OFB AIFS Application

  • Whether you're looking to retrofit your existing sprinkler system to make it more effective or install a custom solution, we believe OFB AIFS is the answer you've been searching for. 

  • OFB AIFS can be pre-aspirated or filled with fire-fighting chemical to be inducted direct into a main the firewater line of an existing fixed sprinkler system. It has no internal moving parts and is simple to use, requiring little training. It requires relatively low maintenance and can be easily and quickly refilled.

  • Since 2008 a 500 litre OFB AIFS has been used to protect 2000 SQM of tyre warehousing in Australia by retro fitting to their existing fire sprinkler systems.

  • OFB AIFS fixed fire-fighting system has met the requirements of Australian manufacturing as well as fire department and insurance company standards. OFB AIFS fixed fire-system has revolutionised the effectiveness of sprinkler systems worldwide across ALL industries. Existing sprinkler systems are often designed to merely contain fires,whereas the OFB AIFS Sprinkler System is designed to extinguish fires.

  • OFB AIFS can be retrofitted to ANY existing sprinkler system. We can also design and install a custom solution for any new project. 

Fixed Infrastructure OFB AIFS Application

  • OFB AIFS are simple to use and meet Australian standards

  • OFB AIFS are ideal for fixed infrastructure fire-fighting systems as they can be pre-aspirated or filled with fire-fighting chemical and inducted directly into a main water line of an existing fixed sprinkler system. They have no internal moving parts, are simple to use and require relatively little training.  OFB AIFS require relatively little maintenance and can be easily and quickly refilled.

  • Since 2008 OFB AIFS has been used to retrofit to fire sprinkler systems in a major industrial buildings in Australia. OFB AIFS fixed fire-fighting system has met the requirements of the Australian manufacturing as well as fire department and insurance company standards. A 2014 Fire Department inspection of the installed OFB AIFS fixed system resulted in high commendation from both the inspector and the business.

  • OFB AIFS is in use in a mine in Northern Queensland – installed underground to protect high volatile areas such as tyre stores and fuel bays.  

  • OFB AIFS is used at the gas fields to protect a vital pump station controlling gas distribution and with key facilities in the Queensland cotton industry.

  • OFB AIFS has also been specified for use in a European vehicular tunnel.

Fixed Vessel OFB AIFS Application

  • Need a fire-fighting solution you can trust on your vessel?  We believe OFB AIFS is the answer. 

  • OFB AIFS are ideal for fixed vessel applications as they use very little water and can use fresh, salt or brackish water.

  • In 1999 a 150 litre OFB AIFS fixed system was installed on the Jamaican registered ship “The Baltimore Patriot”, where it protected it engine room during it’s service in the Bahamas.  It’s AIFS fixed system was tested and the ship declared sea-worthy by Lloyds of London.  The ship now operates as a North American Ferry. 

OFB AIFS comes into its own where there is limited water supply, as it has its own water  storage reservoir enabling, for example a 1,000-litre system to produce 30,000 litres or more of foam. Another key feature is that it enhances the capacity to extinguish a fire, where-as a sprinkler system that uses water is likely to merely contain or delay the escalation of the fire.  Additionally, its non-toxic characteristics mean that post-fire clean-up is more manageable and limited by comparison and avoids post-fire toxic water causing property damage and adverse ecological and environmental damage.

Bushfires are often started by lightning strikes involving bush undergrowth, house or building fires, or car accidents where the heat load cannot be controlled thereby escalating.  Speed of response is a major factor in stopping a small outbreak becoming a major conflagration. The AIFS contribution to this objective is its portability. A 1000 litre AIFS unit can discharge up to 30,000 litres of high velocity foam without refilling.  A water truck with a traditional tank of say 8,000 litres is not able to match this fire-fighting capability even if it is re-filled 20 times .

Watch OFB Fire Solutions Products in Action


Watch a manually operated 500 litre OFB AIFS rapidly extinguish a fierce fuel fire


Watch a 500 litre OFB AIFS rapidly estinguish a fierce fuel fire in a prop fitted with 4 sprinkler heads


Watch an OFB AIFS quickly extinguish a fire in diesel soaked grader tyres



Watch a manually operated 200 litre OFB AIFS rapidly extinguish a fierce fuel fire


Watch a 200 litre OFB AIFS triggered by fuse link sprinkler heads rapidly estinguish a fierfuel fire


Watch a 200 litre OFB AIFS effectively extinguish a difficult fire in fuel drenched car tyres



Watch an OFB AIFS extinguish a difficult A, B and D class fire in a Canberra Bomber


Watch as OFB foam and OFB AIFS satisfy LASTFIRE test requirements to the highest possible standard


Watch as Navy fire fighters extinquish a fierce aviation fuel fire at an Australian Navy base



Watch as a fierce fire fueled by car tyres is rapidly extinguished by OFB foam and AIFS unit


Watch an OFB foam throw and blanketing demo using a 500 litre OFB AIFS unit


See a close up of the 200 litre and 500 litre OFB AIFS units in trailer configuration