OFB Soil

I nnovative and highly effective soil stabilization products for the global market


OFB has developed highly advanced liquid soil additives that can effectively control and manage a variety of soil conditions - they are unrivalled in a number of key ways when compared to other soil stabilization products

    Application of OFB Bind and Seal

    Application of OFB Bind and Seal for road construction will vary depending on the soil type and condition but involves the following steps

    1.         Breaking up or scarification of the soil base with a grader
    2.        Wetting of the soil using a tanker truck
    3.        Application of OFB Bind and Seal from a spray nozzle on the back of a tanker truck
    4.        Grading to evenly distribute the product and mix the treated soil
    5.        Compaction of the treated soil using a roller
    6.        Final application of OFB Bind and Seal to seal the treated road

    Steps 2 and 3 will typically  be repeated at least twice to ensure that the required application ration is achieved.  The result will be strong, hard, smooth and impermeable surface.

    Application of OFB Bind and Seal for road construction

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    OFB Dust Stop is applied in a similar way except that it may not involve scarification and grading depending on the level of dust suppression and the quality of the working surface required.