OFB Soil

Innovative and highly effective soil stabilization products for the global market


OFB has developed highly advanced liquid soil additives that can effectively control and manage a variety of soil conditions - they are unrivalled in a number of key ways when compared to other soil stabilization products

Environmentally Safe

OFB Soil products are non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally safe liquid soil additives that will yield a dramatic increase in the strength of virtually any type of soil base. They are also non-corrosive and will not harm construction equipment.

Locks Soil Together

OFB Soil products locks soil particles together to form an extremely strong yet flexible water-impermeable barrier when combined with most soil types. As long as there are a minimum of 17% fines OFB products will bind most soils creating a surface that is extremely hard.  Although they are so powerful OFB Soil products are very cost effective and easy to use.


OFB Soil products are an excellent choice for many applications including road building, dust control and suppression, prevention of soil erosion, and turning waste products into building materials.  They are Ideal for most roads, car parks, rail footings and airport runways; and highly effective for lining dams and waterways.

Increases Soil Density

With good compaction and with sufficient applications of OFB Soil products the density of soil is significantly increased and the soil is sealed and hardened to appropriate specifications. The increased density, along with the overall strength of OFB Soil products will result in a much stronger and longer lasting base. The cost of building a deeper base will be eliminated, and the overall cost   of future repairs will be significantly reduced.

Reduces Permeability

Laboratory tests have confirmed that most soils treated with OFB Soil products will result in a significant reduction of permeability. Deterioration of a soil base generally begins with an invasion of moisture with ultimate failure resulting from an inability to sustain routine traffic conditions. OFB Soil products are inherently resistant to moisture, and when combined with well compacted soil the possibility of moisture penetration is significantly reduced. Potholes, ruts, “wash boarding,” and cracks will be eliminated and the overall savings in maintenance repairs will be significant.

Effectively Recycled

OFB Soil products can be easily and effectively   recycled using Cold In-Place Recycling.

OFB Soil products offers significant cost saving opportunities

Reduced Application Costs

The cost of applying OFB Soil products is significantly less than the cost of applying traditional non-liquid stabilizers such as lime and cement which is currently used for road bases. OFB Soil products uses existing soil in-situ and therefore soil cartage costs are eliminated. Application of OFB Soil products also requires far less equipment.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Because OFB Soil products create a stronger, more durable and longer lasting base, the cost of a wearing surface can be greatly reduced and significant cost savings can be achieved.

Reduced Environmental Costs

Traditional non-liquid stabilizers   are considered to be toxic and may result in high remedial costs [as well as long-lasting damage to the environment].