OFB Soil

Innovative and highly effective soil stabilization products for the global market


OFB has developed highly advanced liquid soil additives that can effectively control and manage a variety of soil conditions - they are unrivalled in a number of key ways when compared to other soil stabilization products

OFB Bind and Seal and OFB Dust Stop in Action

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    Pictoral Timeline of Outback Road treated with OFB Bind and Seal
    The figures on the timeline are the number of months since treatment with OFB Bind and Seal.  The pictures clearly shows very little deterioration of the road surface after a period of 14 months with inclement weather (road under water for 4 days a month) and no maintenance.  
    Sub-base over the entire road is smooth, solid and very hard
    Compaction by vehicle tyres has only hardened the surface and has produced no cracks
    There is no rutting or corrugation, and no pot holes
    Vehicles can drive on the road at 100 km/hour with no vibration 

    Close-up of the road surface immediately after treatment with OFB Bind and Seal